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Globe Booklet

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Pacific Shipping Tables

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PB Handstamps

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Soldiers' Letters

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Steinhart CSN Articles

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Postal History Research Papers, Articles, etc.

The PHSC presents a number of research papers, exhibitions, articles, etc. on interesting aspects of postal history. The existing choices appear on the sidebar at right.

Andy Morod and the Nootka Sound Region
by Gray Scrimgeour

An examination of the correspondences of a British Columbia trapper and prospector.

The Pitney-Bowes Experimental Handstamps of 1948
by Robert C. Smith

Details and examples of experimental duplex and CDS postmarks supplied by Pitney-Bowes in 1948.

The Globe's Newspaper Mailing Booklet
by Gray Scrimgeour

This note describes a postal history artifact found in the summer of 2007 -- a rare newspaper mailing booklet that was used from 1895 to 1897 by The Toronto Globe newspaper.

Sailing Tables for the Pacific
by Gray Scrimgeour

Here, we present sailing tables for the voyages of steamships that carried mail between Canada and the Orient and Canada and Australasia.

Soldiers' Letters to or from Canada 1802-1841
by David Handelman

This monograph chronicles the concessionary rates afforded to members of the British Army and Navy in the early nineteenth century, showing examples of mail to and from Canada.

Returned from the Dead Letter Office
by David Handelman

Canadian DLO returned letter covering envelopes & wrappers to 1954

Canadian Stamp News Articles
by Allan Steinhart

Between June 1976 (starting in Issue Number 1, June 28, 1976) and November 1978, Allan Steinhart wrote a series of 40 articles for Canadian Stamp News. We have reproduced all of these and present them here with permission from the publisher.