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Under the Covers Video Archive

This is an archive of the PHSC Under the Covers zoom presentations.
Click on the video link to the right of an entry to view the corresponding video.

Arlene Sullivan
Canada Post and the Stick N Tic Labels of 1983-84
March 19 2024
Peter McCarthy
Events Surrounding Mail to and from Canadian Naval Personnel during WWII
February 20 2024
Gary Steele
Canadian Mail Sent via the Empire Air Mail Scheme 1938-39
January 16 2024
Chris Hargreaves
The Role of the RCAF in the Development of Canadian Airmail: 1918-1928
November 21 2023
Bob Stock
Norwich UC Cover Stories: Before, during and after the Rebellion of 1837
October 24 2023
Brian Copeland
Coal Mining and Post Offices around Nanaimo BC
September 19 2023
Various Presenters
Curated Show and Tell (following 2023 AGM)
June 19 2023
David Piercey
Collecting and Exhibiting Early Newfoundland Postal History
May 16 2023
Jane Sodero
The Postal History of Guysborough, Nova Scotia 1838 - 1946
April 26 2023
Cimon Morin
La Poste Coloniale au Qu├ębec, 1763-1851
March 21 2023
Various Presenters
Curated Show and Tell
February 21 2023
David Schurman
Montreal Transcript Business Reply Letter
January 24 2023
Bob Toombs
Canada and the Netherlands in WWII
December 13 2022
Gray Scrimgeour
Japanese Internment Mail
November 22 2022
Gus Knierim
Discovering the Story beyond the Postmark
October 18 2022