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The PHSC On-Line Databases of Canadian Postal History

A database being developed here concerns a record of all post-offices in Canada and former colonies. At present, Newfoundland, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and the Yukon are complete. If you are interested in helping out with other provinces and territories, please contact us!

We are also developing a number of databases of Canadian postmarks. At present, we have the data from two published works, the book Canada Duplex Cancellations, presented by Stéphane Cloutier), and Bruce Graham's book Ontario Broken Circles.

The big advantage to having these on-line is that they are continually updated and hence always contain the best known information about these postmarks. As well, we are developing similar databases of postmarks from other provinces and territories. For example, Gray Scrimgeour and others are compiling data on the early postmarks of the western provinces and the northern territories. The Yukon Territory and Athabaska are already present and the rest should be added soon.

In addition, we will soon begin work on databases of machine cancellations. The International machine cancels already appear here, in the guise of the ongoing research by the IMCRSC study group.