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Postage Rates of British North America

An ongoing project that will appear here is to create a database of rates. This is a complex subject and it is also a challenge to computerize it in a useful way. On this website, we will provide quick lookup utilities. For extensive information (to 1900), members may also consult the Rates and Routes book by Allan Steinhart.

To get us started, we have begun work on two projects. The first, referred to as 'Modern rates' is a simple database of rates, including letter, postcard, registration and special delivery rates taken from the pamphlet Selected Canadian Postage Rates 1859-present by Bob Smith. At the moment, these can be accessed in simple list form via the sidebar at right. We will greatly improve the search methods as time goes on.

A second project concerns the much more complicated early period (before 1859). We have begun by offering the rudimentary information available in sources such as Boggs and Robson-Lowe. We refer to this project as 'Early rates'. Links to this page are available above and on the sidebar. Examples of covers showing various rates are available in many cases.

There is also a nice exhibit of Canadian postal rates on this website.