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The Allan L. Steinhart Memorial Website

CSN Articles by Allan Steinhart

Between June 1976 (starting in Issue Number 1, June 28, 1976) and November 1978, Allan Steinhart wrote a series of 40 articles for Canadian Stamp News (CSN). One of these articles [“Columnist Attends Gala London Opening,” April 17 1978] reported on the opening of an exhibit of postal stationery in London, England. The others were articles about British North America postal history. Canadian Stamp News has given the PHSC permission to reproduce these 40 articles. A list of them appears below. The illustrations in the electronic files were produced by scanning either newspaper clippings or photocopies of CSN pages. Thus, they are limited in quality because of the limitations of the printed medium. In a few cases, coloured scans of suitable, available covers have been used to illustrate articles.

Steinhart's collection of stampless BNA covers was sold at auction in 2005. An account of that auction, and some of the postal history included, was written by Charles Verge for Scott Stamp Monthly.