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Post Offices of Canada

In the sidebar at right, a search of the post office database can be initiated. Use the drop-down menu to select a province/territory. In some cases, a second drop-down menu will then appear with counties or electoral districts. Search terms may be typed into the text box below the drop-down menu(s). The search terms might be (a portion of) a town name, postal code or post office (RC or moon) number. After a short time, when the button is pushed a listing of results will appear in this space. Note that the search results will group together and return items that are associated in some way with items found by the search.

For more information on post office concepts, please consult the Introduction that may be found at the top of the sidebar. The following is a summary of what is presently available in the database.


The database contains everything from Ontario Post Offices by Robert C. Smith. That work was complete to 1988. Gus Knierim has brought this up to modern times, including money-order office numbers, etc. Gus has recently completed all of the Ontario counties and districts. The Ontario database is being kept up-to-date by Gus.

Contact Gus: email

if you are interested in seeing a list of the acronyms used to describe Ontario counties and districts, see the county list.


Gus Knierim has also completed the post office listings for Newfoundland and Labrador from colonial to modern times. He will also keep this up-to-date. The Newfoundland post offices are organized by electoral districts. The county list decodes the acronyms that we use in the database along with the shortforms commonly found on postmarks.

Contact Gus: email

Prince Edward Island

Doug Murray has compiled a database of PEI offices covering all periods. This data is present in our database, and will be updated as new information comes in. if you are interested in seeing a list of the acronyms used to describe the counties of PEI, see the county list.

Contact Doug: email


Kevin O'Reilly has provided data for Yukon post offices of all eras. Kevin will make additions and corrections to the Yukon data.

Contact Kevin: email

Other Provinces and Territories

Post office data for western provinces and northern territories from the early period (broken circle era) are being adapted from compilations of Gray Scrimgeour and other sources. We hope to be able to extend this project to the entire country.

Contact Rob: email