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Postal History Society of Canada Publications

The PHSC has, over the years, published a number of print publications, and recently has begun publishing longer projects in electronic form.

Post Cards by Lewis Rice
by Gray Scrimgeour
Lewis Rice took the photographs for and published several series of picture post cards of western Canada, centred on Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. His western work is fully described in this book.

Available for download to PHSC members (4.1MB).
Andy Morod and the Nootka Sound Region
by Gray Scrimgeour
Andy Morod was a pioneer settler on the west coast of Vancouver Island. He describes his hermitlike existence in a collection of one hundred letters, written over a period of just over three decades. His letters record postal history of Zeballos and Nootka Sound.

Available for download to PHSC members (1.7MB).
A Guide to Canadian Military Postal History 1636‒1970
by Lt. Col. Roland H. Webb, edited by Robert Toombs, Gray Scrimgeour and Brian Plain
The superbly written 1970 typescript by Lt. Col. Webb resided unpublished at the National Postal Museum / Library and Archives Canada, from shortly after 1970 until November 2013, when the editors started to prepare this original pioneering work for publication. With almost no original text modification, the product is a definitive 555-page, illustrated, indexed, military postal history reference.

A hard-bound printed black and white limited edition was made available for order in Spring 2015, and a short second printing was done in late 2018. The cost of the bound limited edition has been set at C$79.69 plus shipping. For more information, contact Gus Knierim. A downloadable electronic version, in colour, is available free of charge to PHSC members. For complete information about this publication, please consult the dedicated webpage.
The Rates of Postage of Canada 1711 to 1900, Including Some Rules and Regulations Regarding Rating and Treating of the Mails
by Allan Steinhart, edited by Gray Scrimgeour
Begun in the 1970's, Steinhart's opus on the rates and routes of British North America and Canada has now been edited and brought to completion by Gray Scrimgeour. This will be the definitve work on the subject for a long time to come.

A perfect-bound print edition of this book is now available for $39 plus shipping. For more information, contact Gus Knierim. Also available for download to PHSC members (2.34MB).

British North America and Great Britain 1838--1865
by Allan Steinhart, edited by Gray Scrimgeour

A digitally remastered version of this Steinhart classic. 343 pages of transatlantic postal history to/from the UK.

Available for download to PHSC members.

Stampin' Around or The Life of a Stamp Collector
The Memoirs of Fred Jarrett

Illustrated, hard cover, 216 pages.

Available from Gus Knierim for C$45.69 plus postage.

Canadian Manuscript Town Postmarks
by David Handelman and Jacques Poitras

Published 1999 by PHSC

Available for download by PHSC members.

Canada's Barrel Postmarks
by Robert C. Smith

Published electronically by the PHSC.

Available to PHSC members at the Barrel Rollers study group page.

The Ontario Post Office Atlas
by Eric Manchee

Loose-leaf in binder. Extensive collection of high quality maps showing post office locations, organized by county.

Available from Gus Knierim for C$30 plus shipping.

Allan Steinhart Postal Historian
edited by David Handelman and Gray Scrimgeour

Illustrated, spiral bound.

Out of stock.