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The Lamoureux Montreal Experimental Machine Cancellations

In the 1920's, the Canada post office began talks with Robert [ACK] regarding the possible introduction of Canadian-made postal canceling machines. The Montreal post office experimented with early incarnations of these machines. There were a variety of cancellations produced by these machines, often in a repeating pattern, and they are collectively referred to as 'Lamoureux' machines. Examples of covers bearing these machine cancellations are elusive and much sought after by interested collectors. A few types are unique, or nearly so, while others are relatively common. (By common, we mean that a dozen or so examples have been recorded!). The Lamoureux machines evolved into what are known as Perfect machines, and these were used across Canada for several decades beginning in the early 1930's.

Patents associated with this machine were issued in Canada, France and the US.

Recently Reg Morris, has compiled a publication[1] on the Perfect machines, and included some information on the Lamoureux machines as well. This is now the basic reference. On this website, rather than go into much of the historical information, we will record the known examples of Lamoureux machines. The webmaster has for some time kept a record of uses of these experimental machines, which you will find below. An early version of this record was included in Ref. [1], and an updated erratum may also be found on the BNAPS publications website. Further reports (with scans if possible) would be much appreciated, and can be made to the webmaster.

Below, we give a time-line of the experimental machine use. The EKU and LKU dates given should be understood to be those that we have been able to confirm. In some cases, earlier or later dates have been reported to other sources. Such instances are noted below. By clicking on each item, you can reveal a table of confirmed sightings.

1a-c (EKU: May 10, 1922, LKU: Feb 28, 1923 (*)) (formerly Types 1 and 3)

Types: 1a - full date and time, 1b - year only, 1c - no date or time
May 10, 19222:30P1a; 1¢ postal card
(May 29, 1922)1b; CPR statement of earnings
date inferred from statement
(Feb 28, 1923)1c; CPR statement
date inferred from statement
(Feb 28, 1923)1c; CPR statement
date uncertain
(Feb 28, 1923)1c; CPR statement
date uncertain
(Feb 28, 1923)1c; CPR statement
date inferred from statement

2 (EKU: July 3, 1922, LKU: July 5?, 1922)

July 3, 1922CPR statement of earnings
July 5?, 19225:30 PM2¢ Giants Steps card

4,5,6 (EKU: Nov 20 1924, LKU: Jan 26 1925)

Types: 4 - 4 lines visible, 5 - 5 lines visible, 6 -
Nov 20 192430P4; 3¢ letter to Port Hope
Jan 6 192512:30P4; 3¢ letter to Ottawa
Jan 7 19256:30P5; 2¢ drop letter (to Sun Life)
Jan 8 19256 P5; 2¢ drop letter (to Sun Life)
Jan 9 19257 P5; 2¢ letter
Jan 12 19257 P6; 2¢ drop letter (to Sun Life)
Jan 12 19258 P6; 2¢ drop letter
Jan 17 19252:30P6; 3¢ letter to Lynden
Jan 21 19257 P6; 1¢ postal card
Jan 26 192(5)7 P4; 1¢ postal card

7 (undated) (EKU: Jan 28 1925, LKU: Nov 23 1925)

(Jan 28 1925)2¢ CPR financial report (Empress Hotel)
(Jan 28 1925)2¢ CPR financial report (Place Viger Hotel)
(Jan 28 1925)2¢ CPR financial report (Windsor Station)
(Jan 28 1925)2¢ CPR financial report (Mt. Sir Donald)
(Jan 28 1925)2¢ CPR financial report (The Gap)
(Jan 28 1925)2¢ CPR financial report (Emerald Lake)
(Jan 1925)1¢ postal card
(Nov 23 1925)1¢ postal card
(1925)1¢ drop letter
()1¢ postal card to Cobourg

9 (EKU: Feb 8 1925)

Feb 8 19252¢ drop letter

8a (EKU: Oct 23 1925, LKU: Dec 3 1925)

Types: 8a-1 - both slogans, 8a-2 - showing 'Buy Goods Made in Canada', 8a-3 - showing 'Canadian Goods are Best'
Oct 23 19258a-3; 2¢ drop letter
Oct 23 19258a-3; 2¢ drop letter
Oct 26 19258a-2; 2¢ drop letter
Oct 27 19258a-2; 2¢ letter
Oct 28 19258a-2; 1¢ postal card
Nov 3 19258a-2; 2¢ letter
Nov 4 19258a-1; 2¢ drop letter
Nov 5 19258a-1; 2¢ drop letter
Nov 5 19258a-3; 1¢ postal card
Nov 6 19258a-1; 2¢ drop letter
Nov 10 19258a-3; 2¢ letter to NZ
Nov 11 19258a-3; 2¢ underpaid letter
Nov 24 19258a-2; 3¢ letter
Dec 1 19258a-3; 2¢ drop letter
Dec 2 19258a-2; 2¢ drop letter
Dec 2 19258a-3; 2¢ drop letter
Dec 3 19258a-2; 2¢ drop letter

8b (no slogans) (EKU: Dec 7 1925, LKU: Jan ? 1926)

Dec 7 19252¢ postage due letter
Dec 9 19251¢ postal card
Dec 22 19252¢ letter
Dec 23 19252¢ letter
Dec 23 1925 1pm2¢ letter
Dec 23 1925 5pm2¢ drop letter
Dec 23 1925 7pm2¢ letter
Dec 23 1925 10pm1¢ post card
Dec 24 19252¢ letter
Jan ? 19262¢ drop letter


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