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Stéphane Cloutier

» Hamilton Bickerdikes
» Hamilton Postmarks

David Handelman

» Registration
» Parcel Cards

Kevin O'Reilly

» Mackenzie River

Gray Scrimgeour

» Athabaska

Robert C. Smith

» Small-Town Ontario
» UPU Conferences

Allan J. Steinhart

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The PHSC Exhibit Project

We present here a collection of postal history exhibits. We intend to build this collection over time, adding both old and new exhibits of all types. The full exhibits are available to logged-in PHSC members, typically both via a jpeg viewer and by multipage pdfs.

Hamilton Bickerdikes
Stéphane Cloutier (March 2010)

This exhibit details the use of Canadian Postal Supply Co. "Bickerdike" postal canceling machines in Hamilton from 1897 to 1902.

Palmares: Vermeil, Orapex 2008

Postmarks of Hamilton Ontario 1828 to 1897
Stéphane Cloutier (July 2017)

This exhibit details the use of all postmarks in Hamilton through the 19th century.

Palmares: Gold - ORAPEX 2014
Large Gold - PHSC Symposium 2017

Parcel Cards from and to Canada
David Handelman (2011-01-30)

This exhibit shows the use of despatch notes (or parcel cards) on parcel post.

Canadian Registration, 1911-1947
David Handelman (February 2011)

Registered mail from this period is studied.

The 1929 Mackenzie River Air Mails
Kevin O'Reilly (July 2010)

This exhibit covers the transition of the postal system in the Mackenzie Valley area of northern Alberta and western Northwest Territories (settlements along the Athabasca, Slave and Mackenzie Rivers) from winter dog sleds and summer river steamers to regular air service. This was the most significant development in communications for this large region of Canada.

Palmares: Vermeil, 2003 Edmonton Spring National Show
Vermeil, 2009 Edmonton Spring National Show

District of Athabaska
Gray Scrimgeour (April 2010)

Postal history of the district of Athabaska.

Universal Postal Union Conferences in Canada
Robert C. Smith (February 2012)

This exhibit chronicles the meetings of the Universal Postal Union held in Ottawa in 1933 and 1957. For each meeting, the Canada Post Office issued commemorative stamps and set up special post offices at the events.

Small-Town Ontario Post Offices
Robert C. Smith (March 2010)

Real photo postcards of selected Ontario post offices, showing contemporaneous postmarks.

Prestamp and Stampless Covers To, From and Through British North America 1685-1865
Allan J. Steinhart (CAPEX 96)

Steinhart's 8-frame exhibit of BNA stampless postal history prepared for CAPEX 96. The exhibit was resurrected by Gray Scrimgeour. See his introductory comments.

Palmares: Gold, CAPEX '96