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PHSC Symposium 2019

Sheraton Hamilton Hotel, July 18-21 2019

Not just another stamp show!

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The PHSC Symposium is back for its third great year. If you were there for PHSC Symposium 2017 or 2018, you enjoyed many great postal historical events and camaraderie. One of our main goals in creating the Symposium is to foster new postal history research and to increase collaboration amongst our members. Once again, PHSC Symposium 2019 will give you a chance to interact and learn from experts and each other. The event will span four full days, from Thursday July 18 to Sunday July 21. Centered in Hamilton, Ontario, we will visit several different sites of historical interest in Hamilton and the greater Toronto and Niagara areas at which invited members will speak about a variety of postal history topics. We will also host a National-level postal history exhibition as well as a bourse with fifteen or more dealers concentrating on postal history.

Registration forms for the Symposium, as well as Exhibit Applications will soon be available.

The Hamilton Sheraton Hotel is located at 116 King Street West in Hamilton, and offers convenient underground parking. Additional contact information for the hotel may be found at the bottom of this page. It is of benefit to the PHSC if you make your booking directly with the hotel rather than using any of the online travel sites. See the getting there link for further travel information.

Or, don't hesitate to contact us for further information. We hope to see you there and will value your active participation! A registration form for the event, an exhibition application form and information about all events are available on the sidebar at left.

Postal History Presentations

One of the highlights of the event will be a series of 7-9 presentations by fellow members on a variety of topics in the postal history of Canada and British North America. These will take place at a variety of venues around the area in conjunction with our visits to historical sites.

Bonus Events

At this year's Symposium, there will be a number of events taking place in conjunction with the Symposium. On Wednesday July 17, the day before the Symposium begins, we will once again have a day of postal history in Toronto, hosted by Kathy Hartley, the librarian of the Harry Sutherland Philatelic Library. Further details of the highlights of the day will appear here later, but a visit to the Ontario Archives is being planned. Please note that this bonus event is limited to 20 participants. You can sign up for it on the Symposium Registration Form, but it will be on a first-come basis. There is no charge for this event, being on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Postal History Exhibition

The Exhibition has National-level accreditation and will comprise approximately 120 frames. It will be open only to Postal History of Canada and British North America, including military, transportation and postal stationery postal histories. Both single frame and multi-frame exhibits will be welcomed. An Exhibit Application form is now available on the exhibiting page. The deadline for submitting this application will be June 1, 2019, and thereafter the Symposium Committee will select those exhibits that will appear in the Exhibition, at their discretion.

More information about exhibiting and the Exhibition may be found on our exhibiting page.


On Saturday and Sunday, we will have a bourse at the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel with about fifteen leading postal history dealers. Each dealer is urged to concentrate on postal history wares.

Breakout Sessions

In addition to the formal postal history presentations, we anticipate scheduling a number of more informal 'breakout sessions' that will concentrate on specific postal history topics. More information will be provided here soon. If you have an idea for a breakout session and would like to volunteer to lead such, please let us know.

Hotel Accommodations

As many of the events will take place at the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel, it will be most convenient for participants to find accommodation there. Reservations can be made directly at the hotel website, or by calling (905) 529-5515 or (888) 627-8161. If calling, please mention the Postal History Society of Canada group block when making your reservation. Parking is available for an extra daily fee.