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PHSC Symposium 2017

Sheraton Hamilton Hotel, July 20-23 2017

Not just another stamp show!

On Saturday morning, the Philatelic Specialist Society of Canada will host a breakfast at the Sheraton Hotel. A postal history presentation will be featured, as detailed below.

Tickets for this event may be obtained from Ingo Nessel.

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“Victorian Montreal”: Building, researching, exhibiting, publishing and selling an Illustrated Mail exhibit

Robert Pinet (Toronto ON)

Saturday, July 22, 8:00 am at Sheraton

This presentation, will focus on

  • why I chose to collect Montreal advertising covers of the Victorian period
  • my inspiration for putting together my first one-frame exhibit
  • the research tools I used to expand both my philatelic and historical knowledge
  • what I learned about exhibiting from judges as the exhibit grew from one- to eight-frames
  • the pride and pitfalls of publishing
  • the steps I took when it came time to sell my collection

This presentation is meant both as a "how to" guide about this aspect of postal history and a thank you. It is a way of recognizing that growing an exhibit is never a solitary, but always a community pursuit.

Through this presentation, I also wish to recognize the researchers, dealers, judges, exhibits chairs, editors, publishers, auction houses, collectors and exhibitors who shared their experiences, material, and advice, and so enriched this story.