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PHSC Symposium 2018

Sheraton Hamilton Hotel, July 19-22 2018

Not just another stamp show!

The Exhibition at PHSC Symposium 2018 will be a National level accredited event devoted to the postal history of Canada and British North America. The exhibits may be on any topic that is postal history related such as studies of postmarks, postal rates, mail routes, etc. Exhibits on military and transportation postal history, as well as stamp and postal stationery exhibits if they are focussed on postal history aspects will also be welcomed. Open or display class exhibits will also be considered.

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Many of the rules for exhibiting in North America have been recently revised. The full guidelines are available in a publication of the American Philatelic Society, the APS Manual of Philatelic Judging and Exhibiting, 7th Edition. The changes were highlighted in a presentation by Ed Kroft, Rodney Paige and Sam Chiu at the Philatelic Specialist's Society of Canada in Toronto in the fall of 2016. Their presentation (pdf) is a convenient introduction to the subject.

More general information about exhibiting is available from several sources. There are a series of articles by David Piercey in the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada's The Canadian Philatelist that cover each of the major components of an exhibit. These are collated on the RPSC website. The APS has a website devoted to exhibiting and the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors can help you keep abreast of all facets of philatelic exhibiting.

The 2017 Exhibition contained a wide variety of top-notch exhibits, and we look forward to the 2018 Exhibition. Specially designed medals will be awarded to winning exhibits, and in addition, there is a variety of special awards concerning specific aspects of postal history. Check the 2017 Palmares to see who won what last year.

PHSC Symposium 2017 Exhibits

Frames # Frames Title
0 1 The Royal FLying Corps in Deseronto 1917-18 PER ARDUA AD ASTRA
0 10 The Postmarks of Hamilton Ontario, 1828-1897
0 1 Special Mail Routes of the Red River Colony
0 1 Forerunners, Manufacture, and Spinoffs of Canada's Multiple 2-ring Stamp Obliterators Used between 1869 and 1884.
0 1 Epic of Vimy - a Canadian Pilgrimage
0 1 A Soldier's Postcards - Mailed from the Somme-Flanders in WWI
0 8 In Defence of the Border
0 1 The Wreck of the Steamship Labrador 1899
0 9 A Study of The Confederation Stamp of 1917. 50-100-150 Years
0 8 L'introduction du compteur postal 'MIDGET' et son usage en Amerique du Nord
0 1 Correspondance de Guerre d'Emile Martin (1914-1916)
0 5 The Western District of Upper Canada: the Development of Postal Communications and Postal Markings
0 2 Grand Trunk Railway Pictorial Post Cards
0 1 The Charge Box / Charge Drawer System
0 1 Canadian Railway Post Office Markings
0 5 Yukon Postal History Before World War ll
0 5 Lower St. Lawrence and Gaspe Peninsula Postal History
0 1 The Expansion of the Post Office in Toronto, 1880 to 1899
0 5 The Lower Mainland of British Columbia.
0 1 The S.C.A.D.T.A. System from Canada to Colombia, South America
0 4 A Postal History of the Great Western Railway of Canada and the Hamilton Connection
0 3 Agriculture as a Driving Force in Oxford County's Industrial Development: an Economic Postal History
0 1 Inter-University Transit System
0 8 Canadian Government: Postal History and Postmarks to 1950
0 1 Post WWII IDEA becomes POSTAL CODE
0 5 RAF Ferry Command Dorval: Military mail to and from Global War Fronts
0 3 Histoire postale du Haut Richelieu 1783-1869
0 1 Canada's Small Queen Era Postal History with Foreign Stamps
0 8 The Postal History of Canada's Semi-Official Airmail