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The Early Universal Machine Cancellations: Walkerville

The first postal marking machine used at Walkerville was a Universal Type IV rented at $105/annum. According to the the Report of the Auditor General, this rental began February 5, 1917. This rental continued through March 31, 1919.

The dater hub is about 20.5mm in diameter, and its right side is about 11mm from the start of the obliterator.

6-line wavy -~- EKU: 1917-07-25 (1035), LKU: 1919-04-19 (1035)

JUL 25 19171 PM5¢ letter to Saginaw MI, Dominion Forge corner
OCT 20 19171 PM3¢ letter to Buchanan MI, Dominion Forge corner
DEC 31 19171 PM3¢ letter to Chatham ON
APR 19 191911 AM2¢ postcard to Mossley ON