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The Early Universal Machine Cancellations: Field Camps

Universal machines were used at three offices with FIELD POST OFFICE slogans (Coutts type SSM-50).

The Auditor General's report for the year ending March 31, 1917 showed a rental of the Camp Borden Universal machine from Aug 7 to Sept 30. Camp Borden also used an International machine prior to this for a short time. Rental of the Universal in 1917 at Camp Borden was not noted by the Auditor General.

Camp Borden 1916 SSM-50 -~- EKU: 1916-08-06 (1035,611), LKU: 1916-10-14 (611)

AUG 69:30 PM2¢ postcard to Hanover
AUG 79:30 PM2¢ postcard to Toronto
AUG 82 AM2¢ postcard to Toronto
AUG 119:30 AM2¢ postcard to Toronto
AUG 142 PM2¢ postcard to Toronto
AUG 149:30 PM3¢ letter to Guelph
AUG 159:30 PM2¢ postcard to Meaford
AUG 179:30 AM2¢ postcard to Simcoe
AUG 229:30 PM2¢ postcard to Geneva NY
AUG 239:30 PM2¢ postcard to Oshawa
AUG 249:30 AM2¢ postcard to Branchton ON
SEP 59:30 PM2¢ postcard to Tillsonburg
SEP 79:30 AM3¢ letter to Toronto
SEP 139:30 PM2¢ postcard to Toronto
SEP 139:30 PM2¢ postcard to Toronto
SEP 205:30 AM3¢ letter to Toronto
OCT 34 AM3¢ postcard to Toronto
OCT 93:30 AM2¢ postcard to London
OCT 123:30 PM2¢ postcard to Brampton
OCT 143:30 AM2¢ postcard to Hamilton

Camp Borden 1917 SSM-50 -~- EKU: 1917-06-01 (1035), LKU: 1917-10-01 (1337)

JUN 112 M3¢ letter to Toronto
JUL 244:30 PM3¢ letter to Toronto
AUG 2212 M3¢ letter to Tampa
AUG 2612 M3¢ letter to Meaford
SEP 1112 M3¢ letter to Tampa
SEP 1412 M2¢ postcard to New York
SEP 1612 M3¢ letter to Lansford PA, YMCA corner
OCT 112 M3¢ letter to Brooklyn NY

The Auditor General's report for the year ending March 31, 1917 showed a rental of the Valcartier Camp Universal machine from Aug 29 to Sept 30.

Valcartier Camp 1916 SSM-50 -~- EKU: 1916-09-07 (1337), LKU: 1916-09-08 (1035)

SEP 75 PM2¢ postcard to Chatham NB
SEP 85 PM2¢ postcard to Hamlet

The Auditor General's report notes a rental of a Universal Type II machine at Toronto from Oct 1, 1916 to Jan 27, 1919. Since actual usage at Toronto is known only in 1918, it is possible that this machine was used elsewhere at other times (Camp Borden 1917 and Niagara Camp are possible examples).

Toronto 1918 SSM-50 -~- EKU: 1917-12-29 (1035), LKU: 1918-05-25 (1337)

DEC 29 19179:30 AM2¢ letter to Toronto
JAN 8 19187:30 PM2¢ drop letter
MAR 1 19187 PM2¢ postcard to Far Hills NJ
MAR 25 19183 PM3¢ letter to West Lynn MA, YMCA corner
MAY 10 19187:30 PM2¢ postcard Kimberley ON
MAY 25 19187 PM8¢ registered soldier's letter to Belle Ewart

Dept. Militia & Defence 1918 SSM-120 -~- EKU: 1918-04-25 (1337), LKU: 1919-09-12 (1035)

APR 25 19189 AMfree OHMS registered letter
JUL 10 19188 PMfree OHMS letter to Milton
APR 4 19195 PMfree OHMS postcard to Sharon PA
APR 8 19195 PMfree OHMS postcard to Calgary
SEP 12 19195 PMfree OHMS letter to Walkerville

Niagara Camp 1918 SSM-50 -~- EKU: 1918-07-11 (273), LKU: 1918-09-10 (1337)

JUL 11 19181 PM2¢ postcard to Prince Albert ON
JUL 15 19182¢ postcard to Toronto [INVERTED HUB AND OBLITERATOR]
AUG 16 19186:30 AM3¢ letter to Marysville CA, YMCA corner
SEP 6 191811 AM3¢ letter to Union City CT, YMCA envelope
SEP 10 19186:30 M3¢ letter to Hamilton