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Early Postal Markings of Canada

The PHSC is developing databases of the early postmarks of Canada, including the so-called broken circle (or split-ring) postmarks. The database for Ontario (Upper Canada and Canada West) is complete, based on the original work from Bruce Graham's Ontario Broken Circles. This is being continuously updated via new reports that collectors send in to us. The data base contains also many other types of early postal markings, such as the straight lines, manuscript town markings and double circles.

Also included is a database of the early postmarks of Québec (Lower Canada and Canada East) that was originally developed by Ferd Bélanger. These databases will be continuously improved over time --- we are counting on you to submit new dates and postmarks.

As well, we have, or will soon have, data from all of the early western and northern territories and provinces. We also expect to soon have data from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

If you'd like to learn more about Canada's early postmarks and our databases, see the introduction.

In addition to the searchable database, we will also provide static lists of certain broken circle subjects.