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Making reports to the Early Markings database

The Early Markings database contains records of all early cancels, including broken circles, double broken circles, manuscript cancels, straightlines, etc. For more information, see the introductory material that is linked to at right. There are a number of people involved in keeping the database up to date. If you have examples of postmarks that are earlier or later than the date in the database, or if you think you might have an unrecorded item, please report it to the proper person indicated below.

If at all possible, we would prefer that reports be accompanied by a scan of the item (at 100% size, 300dpi).

The main postmark guru for Ontario (Upper Canada or Canada West) is Gus Knierim. Reports concerning Ontario postmarks should be sent directly to him. The Manitoba entries are being managed by Brian Copeland. Reports for Québec and any other provinces and territories should be sent to Rob Leigh. Note that CDS postmarks are in a separate database.