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New Postmark Reports

Here's what's new!

For many years, Bob Smith has faithfully worked on the Ontario broken circle listings, recording new finds in the database, and reporting on new items in the Journal. These tasks have been passed on to other keen members in recent months. We've decided to keep up the task of highlighting new finds, and we will record them here on the website. Gus Knierim has graciously offered to organize this for us. Please send any new reports, with a scan, to him by email.

October 2021

This past month we have added a cds database for the District of Nipissing. Without your input these databases do not function, so please submit new dates, early or late; new postmarks. We thank you all for your contributions.

Much new work has been done by Brian Copeland on Manitoba broken circles, and Rob Leigh has been working on early New Brunswick markings.

Thanks to Frank Wheeler we can report

LORNE ONT (BRU) – 21.0mm A1 used JAN 7 / 07

September 2021

Thanks to Stéphane Cloutier, Rob Leigh, Gus Knierim, Jason McClellan, Hank Narbonne, Peter Piszko, Bob Stock, Paul Varty, Frank Wheeler, and a number of our other faithful past reporters for adding to the growing list of newly discovered postmarks.

We have a number of new devices that have never been reported on in the Ontario Broken Circle database. The following is a list of those markings:

BADJEROS, ONT (GRY) – 20mm A1 used AP 15 / 85
EUGENIA (GRY) – SL used March, 1876
ISLINGTON, C.W (YRK) – A2X used Augt 23 / 61
GREENPOINT U.C (PED) – B2x used 8 Febray / 1856
JOHNSON U.C (GRY) – 24mm B2x used 13.Aug / 1860
OTTER CREEK ONT (HAS) – 21mm A1 used JA 14 / 10
REDDICK BAY ONT. (TSK) – 20mm A1 used JUL 12 / 07
ST·JOSEPH·STREET / TORONTO (YRK) – 21mm A1 used AU 21 / 00
STITTSVILLE ONT (CRL) – 20.5mm A1 used MY 25 / 99

And then we have first reports for postmark devices that we knew about but had no dated evidence. They are:

BLANTYRE C.W (GRY) – 21.5mm A2x now reported used Novr 15 73
DIAMOND ONT. (CRL) – 19.5mm A1 proofed SP 2 / 11 now reported used on SP 2 / 11
FULLARTON ONT. (HUR) – 22mm A1 proofed JY 12 1877 now reported used JA 19 / 92
GLEN BUELL ONT. (LDS) – 20mm A1 proofed OC 26 / 07, now reported used DE 21 / 09
GLEN BUELL ONT. (LDS) – 20mm A1 proofed JAN 7 / 15, now reported used DE 23 / 15
HAMPSTEAD ONT. (PTH) – 19.5mm A1 proofed MR 9 / 86, now reported used AP 6 / 10
MASSIE C.W (GRY) – 21mm A2x Berri, ordered AP 28 / 64, now reported used Nov / 2 / 67
MISSISSAGI ONT. (ALG) – 19mm A1 proofed JAN 13 / 12, now reported used DE 20 / 12
OSMAN ONT. (MDX) – 20mm A1 proofed NO 12 / 92, now reported used MR 17 / 05
SUNBURY C.W (FRO) – 20mm A2x Berri, ordered MR 14/64, now reported used on 21 / March / 77
WARREN ONT. (SUD) – 20.5mm A1 proofed FE 26 / 10, now reported used SP 11 / 11
WILLIAMSFORD ONT. (GRY) – 21mm A1 proofed MY 12 / 86, now reported used on JU 16 / 86