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Guidelines for Authors

These Guidelines are a series of suggestions that we hope will help make the process of writing for the Journal as easy as possible for everyone involved. Tom Malicki is currently the Editor of the Journal, working with an editorial team of experienced postal historians that edits all articles and ensures they conform to the style used throughout the Journal.

There are 2 ways to submit your article:

  • You can email it and any supporting materials (photos, scans, etc) to Tom at:
  • You can send it by mail to

    • PHSC Journal
    • 10 Summerhill Ave.
    • Toronto ON M4T 1A8

Multiple Submissions

If you are considering submitting an article to more than one widely-circulated publication, we ask that you give us first look. In return we promise to get back to you with a publishing decision as quickly as possible. If your article has been sent to multiple publications, please advise the editor.

Use of Copyright Material

If your article uses copyright-protected material (e.g. an illustration from a published work not in the public domain), you must get written permission from the copyright holder and include the letter with your submission to the Journal editor. Remember that web-based sources, while often free to use, may require citation as part of the bargain. Provide sources and complete citations whenever possible.

Formats for Submission

Articles may be submitted in any of the following formats – listed in order of preference:
  • Digital: Articles produced on a computer using any of the commercially available word processors such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or Open Office are preferred. These can be sent to the editor preferably by email or on a CD or DVD via regular mail.
  • Typewritten: Please double-space your text and use only one side of the sheet. Handwritten: Neatness counts! Try to be as legible as possible. Please note that hand written copy may cause a delay in publication as it may be necessary to ask you to verify the transcription.

Image Formats

  • Scans and photographs can be submitted in any of the normal image formats such as jpeg or tiff. All scans should be made at 100% (original size) with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Photos should be submitted at higher resolutions if available. NB: It is highly preferable to scan philatelic material, as holding the camera anything but perfectly square to the material can introduce significant distortion into the geometry of the image. If you do photograph philatelic material, please let us know the actual size of the item.
  • Photocopies: As we are now publishing in colour, photocopies should be submitted in colour as well – unless of course the original material is in black and white.

Bibliographic References

  • Reference indication: Indicate references with a numeric superscript:

    • This was the Oil Works, on Skidegate Channel, where a high-quality lubricating oil was refined from dogfish livers.2

  • Endnotes vs. Footnotes: The Journal uses endnotes, where all references are shown together at the end of the article.


Single Author Books

  • Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. Title of Book: Subtitle of Book. Location: Publisher, Year. Medium.

    • Newman, Geoffrey. The Bickerdike Machine Papers. Toronto: Unitrade Press, 1986. Print.

Books with Two Authors

  • Author #1’s Last Name, Author #1’s First Name, and Author #2’s Last Name, Author #2’s First Name. Title of Book. Subtitle of Book. Location: Publisher, Year. Medium.

    • Day, K.M. and Smythies, E.A. Canadian Fancy Cancellations of the Nineteenth Century. Toronto: BNAPS, 1962. Print.

Books with an Editor instead of an Author

  • Editor’s Last Name, Editor’s First Name, ed. Title of Book: Subtitle of Book. Location: Publisher, Year. Medium.

    • Gray, Ross, ed. Catalogue of Canadian Railway Cancellations and Related Railway Postmarks including Selected Waterway Postmarks. Ottawa: BNAPS, 2009. Print.

Books with an Editor and Author

  • Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name, and Editor’s Last Name, Editor’s First Name, ed. Title of Book. Subtitle of Book. Location: Publisher, Year. Medium.

    • Steinhart, Allan. and Scrimgeour, Gray, ed. British North America and Great Britain 1838-1865: A record of Allan Steinhart’s collection of trans-Atlantic mail between Canada and the United Kingdom. Unknown location: PHSC, 2010. PDF.

Journal Article in Print

  • Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. “Title of Article: Subtitle of Article.” Title of Journal, Volume Number (date of Publication): pp-pp. Medium.

    • Dickenson, Gary. “Where’s Roessler?” PHSC Journal. No. 141 (Spring 2010): 15-21. Print.

Work Published on the Web

  • Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. “Title of Article: Subtitle of Article.” Title of Overall Website (URL). Publisher or sponsor. Date of publication dd Month yyyy. Web. Date accessed. dd Month yyyy.

    • Handelman, David. “Soldiers’ letters to or from Canada 1802-1841.” php/ Library/ Research/ index.php. Postal History Society of Canada. 2006-7. Web. Date accessed 15 June 2011.

Other Citations

You may run across other types of media requiring citation. If you have any question, please contact the editor.